Three Floyd’s Brewery

Doing the live recording for the Dark Lord Day at Three Floyd’s Brewery Munster Indiana. It’s an all day festival that features the one day sale limited run of Dark Lord Ale. The event sells out of 10,000 tickets in about a minute. They also put on an all day music festival. Spectrum was contracted to record the event. Featured here is a 24 track Protools rig with redundant Mackie SDR2496 hard disk recorder.

Haymarket Opera

Live recording of Haymarket Opera Company performing at Maynestage in Rogers Park.

Involved recording orchestra and actor’s. We utilized the venue’s hard install mics and also carefully placed spaced pairs around the orchestra and stage.

Mandy and the Bandits

Recording piano tracks in a Chicago church on a Steinway Grand Piano for Mandy and the Bandits debut release “When Darkness Glows”.

Music Institute of Chicago

Live opera recording at The Music Institute of Chicago. It was truly wonderful as they have one of the most impressive pipe organs I’ve ever seen or heard.